The biggest mistake you can make with Invisalign braces

The biggest mistake you can make with Invisalign Braces

Invisalign has made a name for itself for being a comfortable, discreet alternative to traditional braces. The removable aligners are ideal for busy adults who want to avoid the hassle and stigma of metal braces. If you do not know how Invisalign works, it may seem like a magical solution to the problem of orthodontic health. However, Invisalign isn’t foolproof.

There are many common Invisalign mistakes patients make that can reduce the effectiveness of your braces. Wearing your Invisaligns as much as possible is key to the treatment’s success, so forgetting to wear Invisalign can negatively affect the process. You should only be taking your aligners out to eat, drink, and brush your teeth. Remembering to wear  your Invisalign after eating, at work, and  while sleeping will greatly improve your results.

Other common mistakes we’ve seen

Leaving your aligners out for too long may be one of the foremost Invisalign mistakes people make, but it certainly isn’t the only one. Many people end up with damaged or stained aligners due to improper care. Certain drinks can permanently discolor your aligners and cleaning your aligners with products other than the ones recommended by Invisalign can cause them to yellow.

Another common mistake is not brushing after every meal. While brushing twice a day may be adequate for someone without braces, food residue must be cleaned away before putting your Invisalign back in. Otherwise, debris left in your teeth can get trapped under your aligners and lead to tooth decay and infections.

Finally, Invisalign patients often make the mistake of not setting realistic expectations. Invisalign is not magic, and the treatment timeline could be longer than you expect. Just keep in mind that the time commitment is a small price to pay for perfect teeth.

The secret benefit we’ve heard from patients

If you are diligent about wearing aligners and keeping them in good condition, you will enjoy significant benefits from the treatment program. Not only will your teeth improve in less time than you would with traditional braces, but you may actually drop a couple pounds. Invisalign and weight loss go hand in hand because of the mindfulness in reduced snacking. . Why go to the trouble of taking your aligner out and brushing all over again when you could just skip that extra side of fries?

Curious about trying Invisalign? Talk to your dentist or orthodontist to find out whether or not Invisalign is right for you. Dr. Mario Paz is the best Invisalign Dentist in Southern California, and he and his team are on standby to help you perfect your pearly whites. Call today to learn more about the best course of action for your situation.

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