InBrace Lingual Braces

Gentleforce's autopilot technology gently moves your teeth into alignment.

The primary benefit of lingual braces is that the bracket is on the back of the teeth, which is very rarely seen by anyone. Patients can speak and smile, comfortably and not have to worry if someone is noticing the metal braces on their teeth.

Lingual braces are just as effective as traditional braces and are worn for the same amount of time. They are also helpful for people who play contact sports or play musical instruments because lingual braces don’t get in the way.

InBrace Smartwire behind the teeth braces

Tiny wire. Massive benefits.

Is InBrace right for me?

Want to kiss that crush, crush that meeting, and work that smirk without giving your teeth a second thought? All anyone will see with InBrace is a whole lot of you. And a whole lot of wow.

Created by orthodontists, InBrace's Smartwire uses advanced computer modeling and AI to move your teeth in a way that’s fast, healthy and completely under the radar.

Your little secret.

InBrace's Smartwire sits discreetly behind your teeth so no one will ever know it’s there except for you and your orthodontist.

Results ASAP.

Don’t wait a day longer to show the world your new look. You'll start seeing visible results in about 2 weeks that will only get better as treatment progresses.

License to live.

Go ahead—sip that coffee, kiss that cutie, lean in closer. With InBrace, you can eat, drink, brush, floss, and carry on as usual while in treatment.

More you time.

InBrace continually self-adjusts, reducing office time and overall treatment time with an average of just 2 wires. So you can do more life stuff and less treatment stuff.

Less ick.

No metal mouth. No visible stains. No dozens of trays. No shoving your hand in your mouth to remove aligners. No losing said aligners. No thanks.

Less pain, more gains.

Zero tray refittings. No uncomfortable monthly tightenings. InBrace is everything other straightening systems aren’t—including completely hidden.

Ask us about InBrace

How much does InBrace cost?

It seems impossible to put a price on self-confidence, however InBrace is priced about the same as traditional braces and professional plastic aligners—but with shorter treatment times, predictable results, and a more comfortable experience. Most insurance covers up to $2,000, depending on your plan, and we offer flexible, affordable monthly payment plans.