Is Invisalign worth the investment

Is Invisalign worth the investment

When most people think of braces, it conjures images and even memories of childhood, of chunky wire braces and brightly colored rubber bands. However, more and more adults are venturing into the world of braces. It might surprise you to learn that 25% of the people who wear braces are adults.

Most adults opt for a non-traditional style of braces, hoping for something more comfortable and discreet than the typical metal brackets. If you are an adult looking for a subtle path to straight teeth, you may already be considering Invisalign. The clear, comfortable plastic makes Invisalign aligners a desirable option for adult patients. Unfortunately, Invisalign pricing tends to be more expensive than traditional braces, and less likely to be covered by insurance. You may be wondering: is it worth the investment just to get invisible braces? Learn more about why millions of people worldwide are choosing Invisalign.

Why so many people choose Invisalign over other options for braces

If you’re asking “Is Invisalign worth it?” it’s important to look at the perks of aligner style braces. The clear plastic trays are removable, making them easier to clean than metal brackets that easily trap food debris. Additionally, because patients take the aligners out to eat, there is no need for the food restrictions associated with traditional braces.

Though Invisalign isn’t the right fit for everyone, it has been shown to improve a variety of dental issues. Some people also experience a shorter treatment timeline with Invisalign than traditional braces. If you comply with your dentist’s instructions, you should be able to complete your Invisalign treatment in 6-18 months, compared to 16-24 months with traditional braces. If getting straight teeth in a short amount of time is important to you, the price bump may be worth it.

Talk to your local Orthodontist

Do these factors make you want to try Invisalign? Then it’s time to book a consultation with an orthodontist for invisible braces. Your orthodontist can answer any questions you have and help determine if Invisalign is the right treatment method for you.

Not sure where to find an orthodontist with expertise in Invisalign? Visit the website of Dr. Mario Paz to learn more about him and his team, as well as their commitment to dental care. You can also find more articles like this one answering the most frequently asked questions people have about braces, including the question all teenage boys ask about Invisalign.

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