How you can change orthodontists during treatment

What if you need to change your orthodontists during treatment?

There are any number of reasons you may need to change orthodontists during your treatment. Our first recommendation is to try to stay with your orthodontist but there may be reasons that makes this change inevitable. Perhaps You are moving to a new city that is no longer in driving distance or you may have found disagreement or unhappiness and don’t enjoy the energy of the office and staff were you are undergoing treatment. In some cases, the retirement or move of your orthodontist themselves may necessitate the switch.

Most people will be able to keep their orthodontist for the duration of the treatment. Although in some cases you may have to deal with switching your orthodontist mid treatment. The mere idea of doing such a thing likely inspires thoughts of logistical issues and lengthy bureaucratic processes. But what is the reality of changing your orthodontist during treatment?

Talk to your current provider

This 1st thing to do is speak with your orthodontist to allow communication and potentially solve existing issues. If that does not work then here’s what to expect when transitioning to a new provider.

There are a few main things to keep in mind to make finding a new orthodontist not as difficult. Communication is key to ensuring you have a smooth transfer to a new orthodontist. The first step is to tell your orthodontist once you’ve decided to make the switch. The sooner your current provider knows your plan, the sooner they can prepare the appropriate information for your new orthodontist.

Research is also going to be crucial when finding a new orthodontist mid treatment. There are resources available online to help patients in active treatment find referrals and complete the transfer to a new provider. The American Association of Orthodontists(AAO) is a good source and has a referral website . Furthermore, looking into reviews and testimonials will help you decide what kind of orthodontist is right for you and if they offer the treatment options you’re seeking.

Finding the right replacement

Change is scary to many people and changing orthodontists during treatment may seem like more trouble than it’s worth. However, it is important that your provider is meeting your needs and you are satisfied with the care and treatment you are receiving.

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