braces on Valentine’s Day

How to deal with braces on Valentine’s Day

With February 14th fast approaching, people around the world are thinking about how they’ll spend their Valentine’s Day. Widely held as the most romantic day of the year, long term couples and blind dates alike will come together to celebrate the spirit of love and affection. However, if you have recently begun wearing braces you may be worried that your plans are in jeopardy.

Approaching your first Valentine’s Day with braces can be nerve wracking. Braces generally aren’t considered attractive or optimal for kissing, making them feel like a detriment to any romantic pursuits. However, with a little foresight and the right cleaning routine, you can enjoy an intimate Valentine’s Day date even with braces on.

Foods to avoid

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to wearing braces on Valentine’s Day is which foods to avoid. Nothing will ruin the mood like getting bits of hard food stuck in your braces or breaking a bracket on your date. If you’re indulging in chocolates, stay away from soft or sticky materials like caramel and taffy. Make sure to check the card inside the chocolate box so you can choose your dessert wisely. Perhaps this year you should opt for cookies and pastries over hard candies.

Remember, smaller is better sometimes

In addition to what you are eating, it’s equally important to pay attention to how you are eating with braces. If your Valentine’s Day dinner consists of big items like a steak or potatoes, recommended you cut your food into smaller pieces. This will reduce the likelihood of getting pieces of food caught in your braces or damaging your brackets during the meal.

Still not satisfied with our tips for an enjoyable Valentine’s Day? Perhaps traditional braces aren’t the right choice for you. For many patients, Invisalign braces are a more comfortable and convenient option. Things like eating, brushing teeth, and even kissing with Invisalign is a lot less complicated than doing so with traditional braces.

If we have piqued your interest, you can read more about today’s amazing treatment options and their application strategies on our website solutions page or just give us a call.

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