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The potential dangers of delaying dental braces

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, timing is everything. It’s common to get braces during childhood or adolescence, when you have a mix of adult and child teeth. This is because that stage of dental development gives orthodontists the most information about present issues before they become severe health problems.

When parents consider braces they often see a major investment in their child’s future, both in terms of time and money. Learning about the potential dangers of delaying dental braces and understanding the importance of investing in orthodontic care early can help parents to prevent harmful conditions and ensure their child’s long term oral health.

So then, when is the best time to get braces?

It’s not just one thing

This isn’t just about a perfect smile; it’s about avoiding a host of issues that can emerge from misaligned teeth.

The dangers of delaying dental braces are multifaceted and can affect your child in various ways. One of the most immediate concerns is the development of dental problems that are more difficult to treat later. Misaligned teeth can lead to excessive wear and tear on the enamel causing pain and sensitivity. This misalignment can also lead to chewing problems making it difficult for your child to eat certain foods and potentially leading to nutrition issues. Making space for the eruption of permanent teeth may prevent the impaction of teeth and potentially avoid the need for extraction of teeth later.

The correct age for children to get braces often depends on the development of their teeth and jaw. Delaying treatment can exacerbate existing conditions, such as overcrowding or the improper growth of jaws, leading to more complicated procedures in the future. Orthodontic issues, if not addressed at the right time, can cause your child prolonged pain and discomfort.

Timing it just right

To avoid the dangers and pitfalls of delaying braces for your child it’s essential to act swiftly. When you notice dental issues or when advised by your pediatric dentist, find an orthodontist who can provide a comprehensive evaluation. Many orthodontists now offer a virtual initial consultation, making it easier for busy parents to get a professional opinion. Additionally, factors such as dental insurance coverage and financing options can make orthodontic treatment more accessible and affordable for your family.

By addressing these issues early, through orthodontic treatment you can prevent potential complications and set your child up for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

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