The benefits of having good teeth in the workplace

The Benefits of Good Teeth in the Workplace

There are few people who haven’t had the benefits of having good teeth explained by a dentist, but how many of us are aware of the practical benefits? In addition to health benefits like fresher breath and reduced risks of harmful bacteria, having healthy teeth can actually improve your career.

There are several benefits of having good teeth in the workplace, and a nice smile goes a long way. Studies have shown that people with discolored or crooked teeth are perceived as being less intelligent, popular, or trustworthy. Therefore, the state of your teeth could signal to a potential employer that you are not qualified for the job. So, before you start the job search process, make sure your dental hygiene is the best it can be. You don’t want to add to the stress of a job interview or meeting by having to worry about hiding your smile.

From Interview to Promotion

Having good teeth could be the difference between a successful interview and a missed opportunity. Studies about having good teeth reveal that straight teeth and white teeth are associated with more positive qualities. For example, smiling is usually perceived as being friendly or expressing confidence. As a result, hiding your smile due to unhappiness with your teeth or smiling with poorly maintained teeth could be received unfavorably.

While this may be an unfair standard to base the hiring process on, it is clear that nice teeth make a job applicant seem more employable. Many employers make snap judgments based on appearance to help eliminate applicants from the pool, and the quality of your teeth and smile could be a factor that distracts from your qualifications. If there are an abundance of other qualified applicants, your smile could be what sets you apart from the crowd—for better or for worse.

Going to the Office with Confidence

If you want to improve both your confidence and your job prospects, your teeth are as good a place as any to start. Invisible braces, or Invisalign®, are a good option for those seeking better oral health without the inconvenience and unpleasant aesthetic of traditional braces.

To find out how much Invisalign will cost for you visit Mario Paz Orthodontics to receive a consultation. Located in Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles, Dr. Mario Paz has expertise in multiple types of invisible braces. His experience and involvement in the field has established him as the best Invisalign dentist in Marina Del Rey. He and his associates eagerly await the opportunity to help you create a beautiful, life altering smile.

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