What Percentage of People Need Braces to Straighten their Teeth?

What Percentage of People Need Braces to Straighten their Teeth?

In today’s world, having a nice smile is about more than dental hygiene. It’s about how people view you and how you view yourself. As dentistry and orthodontia continue to develop new tools and techniques to treat crooked or misaligned teeth, more and more options become available to perfect your pearly whites. Even kids now have the choice of traditional braces or Invisalign, which promotes comfort and oral hygiene.

The percentage of people that need braces to treat functional problems is around 45 percent, and even more still may need braces for hidden problems. Figuring out if your kid needs braces can be difficult if their dental issues are more subtle. Even if their smile seems perfect to you, there could be underlying problems. When to see an orthodontist depends on the severity of your child’s misalignment, but sooner is usually better than later. 

Is it Too Soon to Bring Your Child to the Orthodontist?

If you’re considering braces for kids, you’re probably wondering how old they should be before getting an orthodontic exam. Believe it or not, the American Association of Orthodontics recommends you take your child to see an orthodontist by the time they are 7 years old. 

The reason why 7 is the perfect age to consider braces is simple: it’s better to identify any issues early on. The way your child’s baby teeth are aligned can actually impact their smile significantly in adulthood. It’s important to give your child the best foundation possible to build their perfect smile on. 

But What if Your Child Already Has “Perfect” Teeth?

You may be thinking that your child doesn’t need braces, their teeth seem straight enough. But just because your child appears to have perfect teeth does not mean they won’t develop dental issues. Only a trusted orthodontist can decide whether or not braces are right for your child. 

It’s never too early to start building your child’s self-confidence, and their smile is a big part of that. If your child has crooked or misaligned teeth, or is simply due for a check-up, visit an expert orthodontist in Marina del Rey. Dr. Mario Paz and his team are ready to help your child develop a sparkling smile that will last them a lifetime. 

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