At home orthodontic kit dangers

At home orthodontic kit dangers

Advertisements for home orthodontic kits promise convenient and effective dental care with no orthodontist or dentist necessary. Getting quality dental healthcare without a dentist sounds like a dream; no more expensive appointments, long wait times, or awkward small talk. It sounds like at home orthodontic kits are the solution to all of the worst parts of going to the dentist.

Unfortunately, home orthodontic kits are not without risk. Both the American Dental Association and the American Association of Orthodontics have issued warnings about the dangers of at home orthodontic kits. Since these kits require patients to diagnose and supervise their own conditions, errors in treatment can be common. Whether using a treatment that isn’t right for your concerns or incorrectly supervising your progress, patient directed care can lead to more dental issues down the line.

Would you buy an at home surgery kit?

You would probably be skeptical of at home versions of other medical procedures like surgery or x-rays, so why are orthodontic kits any different? Moving your teeth is not as simple as it may seem, and orthodontic treatments are complex procedures.

The dangers of at-home orthodontic kits include pain from poorly fitted aligners, infections due to improper cleaning, and even blood in your gums. While at-home kits can help you straighten your teeth, they also have the potential to produce even more serious problems. The cosmetic and functional results can be unpredictable and, in many cases, unsupervised at-home dentistry can do more harm than good.

Friendly, local orthodontic professionals are a much better choice

So how do we recommend you deal with common dental problems if not with at-home treatments? Simple; visit an orthodontist. An educated, experienced professional can get you the care you need without the risk. It may be more money and effort, but the results are worth it.

Finding an orthodontist can be difficult. Look for someone with good patient reviews, a quality staff and facility, and the experience to treat whatever issue you are struggling with. Not sure where to start? Dr. Mario Paz is a local orthodontist who you can reach out to for guidance on your dental care journey. Schedule a virtual consultation today to get a professional opinion on all your orthodontic concerns.

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