InBrace Smartwire pros and cons

InBrace Smartwires Pros and Cons

InBrace Smartwire Pros and Cons

Traditional dental braces tend to get a bad rap due to their uncomfortable, bulky, and highly visible nature. However, over time new developments in technology have allowed us to create new types of braces. You are likely familiar with Invisalign and ceramic braces, both products designed to be more discreet than traditional metal braces. But are you aware of the InBrace Smartwire?

InBrace Smartwires are a new type of metal braces made out of nitinol, a space-age material designed to realign your teeth. Instead of sitting on top of your teeth like other types of braces, InBrace Smartwires are placed at the back of the teeth. The brackets are customized to fit each individual tooth. InBrace appliances are always in the mouth while eating and drinking, unlike Invisalign. But are InBrace Smartwires right for you? Here are some of the pros and cons of InBrace Smartwire technology.

The good and the bad

One of the most appealing features of InBrace Smartwires is that they are hidden behind the teeth, making them one of the only truly invisible braces available. Additionally, they are more convenient than Invisalign because they  are left in place throughout the treatment and do not need to be frequently removed or resized. This method usually takes between  14 and 20 months to give you teeth time to adjust into their new positions.

Unfortunately, InBrace Smartwires are not for everyone. Your teeth must be a certain length to fit the wire, making it suitable only for certain teens and adults. Furthermore, if you have severe bite problems, one of the others of the variety of treatments that are orthodontist recommended may be better for you. When you first start using InBrace Smartwires, you may notice your speech is affected along with some mild discomfort . These symptoms are temporary and will fade as your teeth adjust to the treatment.

Braces that you’ll never see

If you are seeking truly invisible, comfortable, and convenient braces, InBrace Smartwire braces are your best bet. You can generally maintain your typical dental care routine while wearing InBrace Smartwires and not worry about the braces themselves impeding your oral hygiene.

InBrace Smartwires may require fewer orthodontist visits, another way that they are more convenient than traditional braces. If you struggle with mild crowding or bite issues, InBrace Smartwires can make a huge difference. Book a virtual orthodontic consultation today to determine if InBrace Smartwire braces are right for you, and what your next steps should be.

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