Top 3 Myths About Braces

Not everything you hear about braces is true

If you have been thinking about getting braces, you may have turned to the Internet to find out how to straighten your teeth. While there is a lot of information about all kinds of dental braces online, there is also a ton of myths and misinformation available for you to peruse. So how do you determine what information is credible and what is not?

Whether looking for traditional wire braces or sleek invisible braces, you may have some misconceptions about the treatment process. It’s important to clear those up before making a decision about your dental health. Let’s review the top three misconceptions we hear before people start orthodontic treatment.

Top 3 myths about braces

  1. Braces are only for kids

Even hearing the word braces can conjure images of brightly colored rubber bands and the awkward stages of adolescence for some. However, children are actually not the only demographic that can be helped by braces. As a matter of fact, 25% of all orthodontic patients are adults. While some adult patients have underlying orthodontic conditions, others just want to achieve their desired smile.

  1. Braces take years to work

While some patients may need up to two years to correct serious issues in their bite, this is not true of everyone who gets braces. Common treatment lengths range from six to eighteen months, so it’s entirely possible you’ll be finished with treatment in a year or less.

  1. Braces hurt all the time

Most people experience some discomfort at the beginning of treatment as their teeth adjust to their new braces. However, this soreness does not last long term and should fade relatively quickly. Additionally, if you are interested in the world of invisible braces, there are even more comfortable options available.

Have questions? Talk to an Orthodontist!

These are just a handful of myths about braces that often circulate both online and by word of mouth. You may still have questions, concerns, curiosities, and that is completely normal. Contact your orthodontist to hear what they have to say.

Not sure who to call? Dr. Mario Paz is an orthodontist based in Marina Del Rey who has experience working with several styles of today’s braces. Dr. Paz and his staff are available to answer questions and consult with you to determine what treatment is best for your needs. Are your front teeth off center, crooked, or crowded? Let’s take your smile to the next level in 2022. Call today to begin your treatment journey.

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