Can you take off your own braces?

Can you take off your own braces?

For anyone that has ever had braces, there is no better feeling than getting them removed. There are a variety of reasons why you want braces taken off besides the natural end of your treatment. It’s no secret that braces can be uncomfortable and inconvenient, which may be enough to motivate you to try and take off your own braces. But before you go ahead and take off your braces at home, it’s important to be aware of the dangers involved in such a task.

Any orthodontist will tell you not to bother trying to remove your braces yourself, and you’d be wise to listen to their warnings. Taking off braces is a job for a professional, so your best bet for an easy removal is seeing an orthodontist. It may seem like a hassle to make the appointment, but you’ll cost yourself more time and effort in the long run with a botched removal. Here are the real risks involved in attempting to remove your braces at home.

The real risks you face

  1. Losing your teeth: One of the biggest risks you may face when trying to remove braces yourself is losing your adult teeth. Braces put your teeth in motion, making them more vulnerable. One wrong move, and your tooth may come out along with the braces.
  2. Repair: Even if you manage to get your braces off with all your teeth still in place, there is the chance that the removal process will produce chips, scratches, or other unsightly abrasions on your teeth. This may lead to expensive dental repair treatment.
  3. Crooked teeth: If you remove your braces in the middle of treatment, you will be putting a stop to the straightening process. Without the use of a retainer, orthodontic relapse is highly likely. This means your teeth will have freedom to move out of line in any direction, undoing the work your braces have done.
  4. Pain, pain, pain: Are your braces painful? Well, it’s nothing compared to the pain you may experience if you try to take them out. Orthodontists have special tools designed to remove braces with as little pain as possible, and trying to do so without the right materials is a recipe for disaster. You can seriously damage your teeth and gums in the process, leaving you in more pain than you were before.
  5. Wasting your money: If you try taking your braces out at home, you may as well be throwing away the money you spent on straightening your teeth in the first place. All that time and money will be wasted, and you’ll be left with the same teeth you were dissatisfied with before or worse.

Just call an Orthodontist

If you’re itching to take your braces off, do it the best way and just call an orthodontist. At home options are not going to be as safe or effective as getting your braces removed by a professional. Not only are you wasting money by ending your treatment early, but you may also end up doing serious harm to your teeth. Your best bet for a clean and painless braces removal is to have it done by a dental professional.

Wishing for an easier, more comfortable, orthodontic system? Next time, consider Lingual, invisible braces, placed behind the teeth, or Invisalign. Invisalign uses a system of removable aligners to straighten your teeth, making it a more comfortable and convenient experience. You can take them off to eat or easily end treatment on your own time, no pain necessary. If you’re interested in Invisalign or have other questions about your braces, contact Dr. Mario Paz today for a consultation. He and his team are experts in all types of braces, and they can help you achieve the perfect smile you’ve always wanted.

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