How Often You Should See Your Orthodontist With Invisalign

How often should you see your orthodontist with Invisalign aligners?

So, you’ve finally decided on committing to getting braces. But what exactly are you committing to? Sure, you know you want a set of Invisalign aligners and the promise of straight teeth, but you are not clear on the other aspects of the treatment process. We want to help clarify the maintenance commitments involved in Invisalign treatment.

Let’s begin with how often you should see your orthodontist with Invisalign. You may have heard that Invisalign only requires two visits; one for the consultation, the other to pick up your new aligners. This is actually a wild oversimplification of the Invisalign treatment process. Generally, you should see your orthodontist every 8 weeks with Invisalign to properly monitor your progress and identify or discuss areas of concern. Don’t set it and forget it; make sure you’re consulting your orthodontist throughout the process.

Appointments and adjustments

Invisalign users should plan to see their orthodontist every two months to ask questions and receive new aligner trays. Treatment progress is monitored to make sure the aligner movement is progressing as it should. How well you comply with treatment guidelines can influence how many and what type of adjustments you may need during your orthodontist appointments.

Don’t spend hours in the waiting room

It may seem like a hassle to go to the orthodontist so often just for Invisalign checkups. However, the time and money is a valuable investment into the success of your treatment. Going through the process of Invisalign without regular input from an orthodontist can impede its effectiveness and leave you without your desired results.

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