Why Getting Braces is So Important

Why getting braces is so important

Whether you had braces forced on you as a child or opted into the procedure later in life, most people think about getting braces as a means to straight teeth. But why are straight teeth so important? There are the obvious implications of how your smile looks in American culture; if you have crooked teeth, it may take a toll on how people perceive your looks and even your status in society. In addition, the way your teeth look can impact your own self-image. Liking your smile is an immediate boost to your confidence, which will then influence the way you carry yourself in the world.

Besides the societal and emotional effects of having a smile you love, there are benefits of getting braces that go beyond the aesthetic level.

Just some of the many benefits

Braces are good for your health in several ways. First, the process of properly aligning and spacing teeth comes with the added benefit of making them easier to clean. With better access to clean your teeth, you are less likely to experience gingivitis, cavities, or bone erosion from bacteria trapped between the teeth. Braces also correct your bite, making it easier to chew and digest food.

Crooked or otherwise misaligned teeth may have a significant effect on your speech and pronunciation of certain words. Straightening your teeth can enhance your diction and take your speaking power to the next level.

And did you know that having a correctly aligned bite reduces your risk of injury in the event of an accident or during impact sports.

In reviewing the above, we can agree on why getting braces is so important.

What are the negatives?

You’ve heard the positives, but we’d be remiss not to mention some of the negatives about getting braces. They may be costly or require a lengthy treatment and for adults in particular, braces aren’t seen as particularly attractive.

Looking at the pros and cons of traditional braces, someone getting braces for a second time may be put off. However, today’s options are incredibly discreet, one could say invisible! Don’t want to have a year’s worth of pictures with metal braces? Ask us about invisible braces such as Invisalign or Inbrace Smartwire. Braces are important and we will help you determine which type will work best for you and your lifestyle.

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