Are dental braces worth the investment

Are dental braces worth the investment?

It’s no secret that dental braces are quite the commitment when it comes to both time and money. If you have been considering braces and have seen mentions of painfully long treatment times and several thousand dollar price tags, you might be starting to wonder: are braces worth it?

While it’s true braces can have some less than desirable short term impacts, the long term effects far outweigh any temporary discomfort—either in your mouth or your bank account. Having straight teeth is one of the obvious benefits of getting braces, but there are probably some positive aspects you have not yet considered. Whatever your age, if you have questions about the effect of braces on your dental health and are located in Southern California, Dr. Mario Paz and his staff have the answers.

Short term benefits

So, the million dollar question: are braces worth it? Are straight teeth really important enough for the trouble? The answer, generally speaking, is yes. You may not feel a perfect smile will have much impact on your life, but it actually does. Research shows that having an attractive smile and healthy teeth increase your confidence.  It also shows us that having misaligned or decaying teeth can have a strong negative impact on your self-image, as well as affecting how other people perceive you.

In addition to the psychological effects of having dental problems, there can be severe physical consequences. Many dental health conditions are associated with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and stroke. If left untreated, dental issues can become much more than a matter of aesthetics.

Long term benefits

Preventing oral health issues is just as important as treating them, and dental braces can help prevent gum disease, tooth decay and erosion, and cavities. That is part of the reason why getting orthodontic treatment is so important, even if you’re on the fence about the treatment process.

Whether you want to get braces in order to finally love your smile or because you’re concerned about your dental health, invisible aligners, Lingual braces or traditional braces can be the answer. Speaking with a qualified orthodontic professional can help you understand how your treatment will proceed and all of the positive benefits you’ll derive from investing in your dental health.

Still feeling nervous? Dr. Mario Paz and his team are top notch in creating an easeful, inviting  environment for patients of all ages in order to administer treatment as efficiently and comfortably as possible.

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