Why your teeth can move after having braces

Why your teeth can move after having braces

Imagine you went to one of the top orthodontists in Los Angeles County to get braces and were satisfied that, at the end of the treatment, you had a perfect smile. Then, years after having braces, you notice your teeth returning to their old positions. Frustrated, you wonder if the time and money spent on your braces was wasted.

One of the most frequently reported regrets patients describe is that their teeth moved after having braces. Many people perceive braces as a permanent fix for crooked teeth, but in reality, the movement of teeth after patients get braces is quite ordinary. Let’s take a look at what kind of changes you might encounter after several years and why.

What is normal?

After having braces when you were younger, it’s very common to see changes in your bite over time. However, your teeth may move after having braces as an adult, too. It’s important to be able to tell whether your dental movement is normal or if it signals more complex issues down the line. A slight shift or some small gaps can be expected at any age if retainers are not worn.

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If you notice that your teeth are beginning to return to their original placement, it shouldn’t be cause for alarm. However, you should contact your orthodontist if you begin to experience any pain or discomfort. Issues related to bone health and tooth decay can also change the shape of your bite, and any pain may indicate that the issue is deeper than routine dental health. Though it’s perfectly normal for your teeth to move after having braces or retainers, it’s important to make sure it isn’t a sign of something more serious.

Should you get braces again?

You may find yourself wondering how much teeth can shift and if it’s worth getting braces again to ensure that you don’t lose your perfect smile.  Many adults and teens can benefit from retreatment to regain their perfect smile. Invisalign and Lingual braces are great cosmetic alternatives for a second round of orthodontics. There are also retainers that can help prevent the need to get braces again later in life. For more information, contact Dr. Mario Paz to discuss what options make the most sense for you.

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