can braces make you happy

Can braces actually make you happier?

People that have crooked teeth do believe that braces will make you happier. But when people think of braces the cost and discomfort involved are at the forefront of their mind. Misshapen teeth can cause dental problems leading to severe pain and may worsen over time, forcing you to go through expensive and intensive treatments to resolve the issue. In the long run, the positive effects of having braces will cause you less pain and cost you less time and money than letting crooked teeth go untreated.

In addition to the physical benefits of having straight teeth, there are actually mental benefits as well. According to studies on self-confidence, having crooked teeth or other dental problems can produce negative social outcomes and affect peoples’ self-esteem, leading to depression or other mental health struggles. So, if having dental problems can make you unhappy, can treating them with braces make you happier?

It’s not just happiness either…

There are a lot of positive effects of braces and Invisalign that make patients happy after their treatment, but one of the most talked about is the impact of having a perfect smile. Studies show that smiling, whether naturally or faking a smile, can actually make you happier and healthier by reducing stress hormones. However, it can be hard to even fake a smile when you’re dissatisfied with your teeth.

Not only are straight teeth linked to higher self-confidence, but they can actually influence how other people see you. A study on the benefits of having straight teeth in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics suggests that people with straight teeth are perceived as being happier, smarter, successful and even wealthier. Having straight teeth has been shown to be advantageous when trying to make advancements in your career or social life as well. That’s all without mentioning that having straight teeth is healthier for your gums, jaw and diet.

Making the decision

If you search for reasons to get braces, you’ll find plenty. There are many people who say that getting braces was the best decision they ever made for their quality of life. A wide variety of patients are genuinely happier after their treatment because of reduced discomfort, peace of mind, and a newfound joy in their smile.

There are more reasons to get braces than to avoid treatment. Not interested in metal braces? Fortunately, the advancements in the field of orthodontia in the past decades are outstanding. Invisalign for example is a series of clear slip on aligners that efficiently shift your teeth. You may be asking yourself, is Invisalign worth it, how does it work and how long will it take?  Schedule a consultation with Dr. Mario E. Paz in Marina del Rey to have your questions answered.

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