whiten teeth with Invisalign braces

Can you whiten teeth with Invisalign braces?

As Invisalign® specialists, we get a lot of questions from patients about how treatment works. From queries about eating with Invisalign to keeping your aligners clean, there’s one that stands out however: tooth whitening. Namely, can you whiten teeth when you have Invisalign trays?

The short answer is yes, you can still use teeth whitening products while using Invisalign. After all, why should pursuing straight teeth stop you from achieving a brighter smile too? Let’s talk about how tooth whitening and invisible aligners can work together to give you a perfect smile.

Can Invisalign trays be used for whitening?

Some patients have wondered whether Invisalign trays themselves can be utilized for whitening and the answer is Yes. Though aligners are similar to whitening trays, they are not the same, but can still be used for whitening gel. Other teeth whitening treatments can be also be used in conjunction with Invisalign.

Before using teeth whitening products with Invisalign, make sure you talk to a dental provider to ensure you don’t cause any damage to your teeth or aligner trays and to obtain professional dental bleaching gel. With approval from your dental provider, whitening toothpastes and mouthwashes can also be used to break down surface stains and polish the teeth. Aligners may even help keep the whitening agents close to your teeth, making the whitening more significant.

Talk to your orthodontist first

Many teeth whitening options can be used in combination with Invisalign®, but it’s important to consult your orthodontist before doing so. Keep in mind that the attachments on the teeth that enable the aligners to work will not whiten with the bleaching gel. Therefore, it may be better to bleach before, or wait until after you’ve finished your Invisalign treatment, for an even whitening effect.

With guidance from an experienced dental professional, you can work on your smile from two angles at once. Wondering how to fit teeth whitening into your daily Invisalign routine? Check out our other pieces on a day in the life with Invisalign.

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