Invisalign daily routine

Your Invisalign daily routine

Invisalign® has become a popular alternative to traditional braces due to the fact that they’re barely noticeable. Not only do the clear aligners offer more discretion than chunky metal brackets, but most patients describe increased comfort when using Invisalign compared to traditional treatments. Since Invisalign has such a good reputation among dental patients and providers alike, it’s quickly becoming one of the more sought after dental treatments. As a result, there are orthodontists that specialize in the Invisalign custom made series. Dr. Paz is a Diamond+ Invisalign® Provider.

If you are looking into what options are available for braces, you have probably come across Invisalign. But what does a day with Invisalign actually look like? We’re breaking down the daily routine of the average Invisalign patient to paint a picture of what life with removable aligners is really like.

24 hour schedule

Just because Invisalign is removable doesn’t mean you should take your aligners out whenever you feel like it. For the best results, orthodontists recommend wearing your aligners for 22 hours a day that includes sleeping with them in. This essentially means only taking aligners out for eating and drinking and things like photos.

When you first get your aligners, rinse them after removing them from the packaging. Make sure you are using the proper upper and lower trays, and then insert the aligners one at a time. Use your fingertips, not your teeth, to gently push the aligners into position to prevent damage. We also suggest washing your hands thoroughly before and after handling your aligners to prevent the spread of bacteria.

But what do you do with your aligners when they are not in your mouth? Your Invisalign case will help keep them safe and clean when not in use and minimize the risk of misplacing them. Slowly pull the aligners from your molars with your fingers and work forward to release them from your front teeth. After removing your Invisalign trays, be sure to rinse and dry them before storing them in your case.

Cleaning Invisalign trays prevents damage to both your teeth and the trays, making it a crucial part of your maintenance routine. If you notice when taking your aligners out that they have food debris or stains, clean them with a soft toothbrush and tooth paste or liquid soap. Rinse thoroughly before putting the aligners back on.

Are you doing everything right?

There are a lot of Invisalign benefits that make it an easier process for dental patients. However, keeping up with your daily Invisalign routine is necessary if you want to actually straighten your teeth. Without consistency and proper care, you won’t be able to achieve your beautiful new smile.

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