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Why we love orthodontics

Becoming a dentist or orthodontist is no easy feat. Not only does it require years of schooling, training, and experience, but it demands a level of dedication that not everyone can reach. For those who have been working diligently in the field of dental care, opening an orthodontics practice of your own is a major career accomplishment that many dream of. For Dr. Mario Paz, that dream has become a reality.

However, running your own practice isn’t a singlehanded effort. In order to accommodate all your patients, you need a team of expert staff who love what they do and are committed to providing quality dental care. At Dr. Paz Orthodontics, we have no shortage of reasons to love coming to work. Let’s talk about what makes orthodontia so rewarding.

Serving Los Angeles smiles

The reason why we love orthodontics is because of one simple factor: the patients. For us, getting to know our patients and encouraging them in their pursuit of perfect smiles is the best part of our day. Orthodontists do more than just straighten teeth; they give people the life changing experience of having the smile they always dreamed of.

By working in orthodontia, we’re able to gift people newfound happiness and confidence every day. And our patients aren’t the only ones who walk away from their appointment feeling better than ever before. At the office of Dr. Paz, we know that our patients help us grow and improve as much as we help them.

From Marina Del Rey

If you’re looking for a Marina Del Rey Orthodontist who is as dedicated to their practice as they are experienced, look no further than Dr. Mario Paz. Dr. Paz specializes in early treatment for children, teens and adults, offering a variety of treatment options with the best orthodontic care for exceptional orthodontic results. He has been involved with the developments and improvements of Invisalign® and Lingual braces in the Los Angeles area since 2000.

We also offer different styles of braces, our staff will explain clear braces vs. metal braces, state of the art wire vs. ceramic braces and any other questions you have, then help find the best solution for you. For more information or to see if our office is a good fit, contact us today.

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