Help, I lost an Invisalign tray

Help! I lost an Invisalign tray!

Since Invisalign uses removable aligners to straighten teeth, you’ll need to remove and replace them a few times a day. Trays must be removed when eating, drinking a beverage other than water, and when brushing your teeth. Though aligner trays come with protective cases, it’s easy to snack and set your aligners down somewhere and forget about them.

If you lost an aligner tray, you’re probably wondering what to do and who to call to fix your mistake. The short answer is: call your orthodontist. Losing an Invisalign tray is a common problem dealt with by orthodontists everywhere. Here are our tips for what to do if your Invisalign trays get lost in the shuffle.

Did you know…?

Lost Invisalign trays plague Invisalign users worldwide. Some people may choose to address this common problem by advancing to the next aligner in the treatment plan. However, we don’t recommend that course of action without checking with your orthodontist first. Advancing to the next tray before you’ve finished the previous one can affect the movement of your teeth and progressing to the next aligners in the series may be compromised.

If the lost aligner needs replacement it can easily be ordered and received in a week or so, and you can continue on your treatment path without missing a beat.  So, the next time you lose an Invisalign tray, don’t panic. Your orthodontist can get the whole thing sorted out.

Call now

If you’re new to Invisalign, the most important thing to remember is that you’re not doing this alone. Your orthodontist is always available as a resource so you can get the most out of your treatment. Whether you lose or damage an aligner, it doesn’t have to hurt your progress towards a perfect smile.

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