Tips for People with Invisalign Braces During Covid-19

Tips for People with Invisalign Braces During Covid-19

With Covid-19 cases still rising nationwide, your orthodontist may have closed their office to help slow the spread of the virus. Though some offices may be open with restrictions or offering remote appointments, it won’t be the same as dental care under typical circumstances. However, just because we are in a pandemic doesn’t mean all our other concerns have to get put on hold. 

Straightening your teeth is just as important now as it always has been, and straight teeth require maintenance. If you have traditional or Invisalign braces, take care of them as best as you can from home. Your orthodontist may be available for consultation or assistance but keeping your teeth healthy is going to be harder than usual. Here are our expert tips for taking care of Invisalign braces during Covid-19.

Staying Safe

With the virus continuing to spread, it is important to make sure you keep your mouth clean during orthodontic treatment appointments. In addition to tips for people with Invisalign, you should also be following the tips to stay safe from Covid-19. Washing your hands is crucial, especially when monitoring your own dental care. You want to have clean hands before replacing rubber bands or Invisalign trays in your mouth to prevent the spread of bacteria. 

Keeping your retainers clean is also a key step in orthodontic treatment. Not only can improper cleaning damage retainers or Invisalign trays, but it can be extra dangerous in the midst of a pandemic. Brushing your teeth thoroughly and only using your Invisalign trays as instructed will help prevent damage to the device and to your teeth. Furthermore, it will help keep bacteria, food particles, and other harmful particles from getting trapped between your aligner and your teeth. 

Just Don’t Do This

Dealing with Invisalign during the Coronavirus pandemic may seem like a challenge, but it all comes down to a few simple tips. Keeping your hands and your aligners clean is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself from the virus without compromising your orthodontic treatment. Make sure to keep your aligners in a clean case and avoid setting them down on unclean surfaces when you take them out. 

Worried about your orthodontic progress? Don’t be afraid to contact your orthodontist if you need replacement aligners, rubber bands, or even a simple consultation (virtual available). The biggest mistake you can make with Invisalign is not taking proper care of your aligners, and your orthodontist is available to help you do just that. Whether you have traditional braces, Invisalign, or a retainer, your dental health shouldn’t have to suffer because of our current situation. 

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