Why some people need braces and others don't

Why some people need braces and others don’t

It’s no secret that braces aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing dental device. Children and adults alike often feel shame or embarrassment about needing braces, especially when others around them don’t. Are you the only one among your friends without perfectly straight teeth? Have you wondered why some people need braces and others don’t need braces?

The main function of braces is to correct various disorders that cause teeth to grow improperly. Overbites, underbites, and crooked teeth are all conditions treated by braces. If you struggle with any of these issues, you might be a good candidate for braces. Worried about having bulky, uncomfortable metal wiring in your mouth? Don’t be. In the modern age of orthodontia, there are different types of braces that are less disruptive of your unique aesthetic.

Reasons for crooked teeth

When adult teeth do not grow in straight, it produces malocclusions. This simply means “bad bite” and refers to a variety of different dental concerns. Some malocclusions are simply hereditary, but there are certain behaviors and medical problems that can lead to crooked teeth.

Thumb sucking and improper tongue habits during speaking and swallowing have been cited as common causes for malocclusions, as well as losing baby teeth early. However, wide spaces between teeth, large teeth, or extra teeth are problems that may produce a need for braces. Without proper care, these issues can cause problems with chewing and strain the muscles in your mouth and jaw.

Do you need braces?

If any of the dental issues mentioned above reflect your experience, consider looking into options for braces. Your dentist or orthodontist can help you find out if you need braces and, if so, which style of braces is right for you.

At this point in time, you  may choose to have a virtual consultation with an orthodontist. In order to help your orthodontist, give you the best care possible, we recommend taking pictures of your teeth  for the evaluation. Your orthodontist will request photos of your front teeth, top and bottom rows, and of the left and right sides to give you the best assessment and solution.  Once you have made a decision we will have you come to the office to get started on your orthodontic path to success. at Dr. Mario Paz Orthodontics we don’t want anything to get in the way of achieving your ideal smile.

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