Getting braces while in college just makes sense

Getting braces while in college just makes sense

Most people get braces for the first time around the end of elementary school or the beginning of middle school. However, plenty of patients find themselves with crooked teeth again years after their initial treatment. This can be disheartening; especially as young people enter their adult years and start to navigate societal pressure and opinions regarding their appearance.

Whether you had braces as a child and need some touch ups or not, there is actually a lot of merit to getting braces while in college. Though a lot of college students may feel insecure or embarrassed to be seen with braces, the ages of 18-24 are actually optimal for adult braces. Not only will they help you grow into your adult smile, getting braces in college will prepare you to look and feel your best once out in the working world. Learn more about why, despite your hesitations, college might be the right time to get braces.

Now is the time to take responsibility

Getting braces while in college may seem like a mistake to those who are concerned about the aesthetic implications. Furthermore, some students have trouble connecting with a dentist due to living part time between states. However, those same people would likely feel uncomfortable breaking out into the adult world with crooked teeth.

After college, confidence and appearance is key to opening the doors you want to walk through. It may not be a fair system, but dental hygiene and tooth care will make an impact on the way other adults treat you, both in your personal and professional life. If traditional braces are truly too noticeable and uncomfortable for you to bear, there are other options. Invisalign is a fantastic choice for college students due to how discreet and convenient the aligners are. There are also other, less common types of invisible braces for those who are incompatible with Invisalign.

Show off your smile in graduation pictures

If you get braces during college, whether for the first time or the second, you are setting yourself up to feel more confident and successful in the months and years to come. Depending on the timing of the treatment, you may have a brand-new smile in time for the season of college graduation pictures and videos.

The fastest way to get straight teeth is to consult an orthodontist today and begin your treatment. Methods like Invisalign and other invisible braces are likely to provide a more comfortable and pleasing experience for young adults who are concerned about bulky metal braces. Want to start your adult life with a smile? We recommend getting braces during your college years. Not sure whether braces are right for you? Contact Dr. Mario Paz and his team to determine what your needs are and how to meet them.

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