InBrace FAQs

InBrace FAQs

There have been many innovations in the field of straightening teeth. These new methods tend to seek a superior level of comfort and discretion than traditional dental braces. Unfortunately, ceramic braces and Invisalign are only slightly less noticeable when compared to metal braces. However, there is a space age tooth straightening technique that is truly invisible.

Introducing: InBrace. InBrace Smartwire is a type of lingual braces that uses an advanced material called nitinol. Lingual braces sit behind the teeth and apply slight, continuous pressure to straighten teeth, reduce crowding, and close gaps. InBrace is a relatively new and uncommon type of braces, so many people have unanswered questions about the treatment. We’ve compiled a few common questions about InBrace to provide a helpful FAQ list for those interested in the procedure.

Top questions

1. Will InBrace affect my speech?

Unfortunately, InBrace may affect your speech for a little while at the beginning of treatment. However, most patients find that the problem subsides after two to three weeks.

2. What can I eat with InBrace?

Much like traditional braces, there are some foods to avoid that can damage the wire. We ask you to avoid hard, crunchy and sticky foods.

3. Does InBrace Hurt?

Some patients feel mild discomfort as their mouths adjust to InBrace, but this will decrease over time as oral tissues adapt to the braces.

4. Are InBraces Right for Me?

Just about any dental disorder can be treated with InBrace! Call us if you think this may be the best treatment option for you. (virtual consults also available)

Working with our team

If you are looking for a tooth straightening treatment that offers a relatively low cost, high convenience, and truly invisible braces, InBrace is the solution. Lingual braces have always been an attractive option for patients, but until now they were far less accessible to the average consumer. However, InBrace Smartwire changes all of that.

Still wondering if InBrace are the best braces for your teeth? Contact our office to discuss the pros and cons of InBrace. Our staff are experts in alternative braces treatments and are ready to help you achieve the smile you’ve been dreaming of.

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