Reshaping teeth after braces

Reshaping teeth after braces

Everyone knows braces are one of the top ways to get the perfect smile, but did you know there are procedures that can take your smile from perfect to celebrity quality? Though braces can help you re-align crooked teeth, they don’t give you individually perfect teeth. In order to get that movie star smile, there are some other cosmetic procedures to consider post braces.

If you have just had your braces removed and you are not totally satisfied with your smile, talk to your dentist about procedures to bring your teeth to the next level. Teeth reshaping is a good place to start if your teeth have subtle imperfections in shape or texture. Here are some details about the processes.

Going beyond braces

When it comes to ways to achieve perfect teeth, teeth reshaping procedures can help you achieve the fine details. Tooth reshaping, also known as dental contouring or odontoplasty, involves removing tiny amounts of enamel in order to reshape the imperfect tooth.

Your orthodontist will begin to prep for the process of reshaping teeth with a series of x-rays, or update your 3D digital image, followed by marking the areas that require sculpting. Using a sanding instrument to eliminate and minimize imperfections, the dentist will sculpt your teeth into the desired shape. A bonding resin may also be used to fill in unwanted chips or gaps. After that, all that’s left is polishing. The process tends to be quick and painless, with no anticipated recovery time. Once you consult with your orthodontist to determine if this is the best option, you’re on your way to a movie star smile.

People will comment

After you have had your reshaping done, get ready to start accepting compliments on your teeth. Perfecting your teeth is excellent for improving self-confidence, and it can also improve the way people perceive your smile. That’s what makes proper dental care so empowering to some patients. Even celebrities with braces claim that improving their smile helped to boost their self-confidence.

If you are interested in learning more about today’s state of the art technology in orthodontics and dental care, contact our office. Dr. Mario Paz’s team are expertly trained in orthodontic procedures including tooth reshaping and bonding, making them a fantastic resource for anyone seeking to achieve their best possible smile.

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