Going back to school with braces

Going back to school with braces

The summer season has officially started and the prospect of going back to school in the fall is little more than a distant thought in the mind of students. But some kids may find their summer fun interrupted by a trip to the dentist or orthodontist. Getting braces during the summer can be an annoyance in itself, but getting used to braces when you’re heading into a new school year can be another challenge.

Dealing with braces at the same time as juggling a new schedule, new social dynamics, and schoolwork can feel particularly stressful for students. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid getting your child braces if they need them. There are a few ways to make the transition from summer to school a little smoother for your kid. Here are our tips for going back to school with braces.

Plan ahead

Before you even begin your treatment, planning the timeline with the school year in mind can help make the transition back to classes easier for orthodontic patients. Early summer is the best option for when to get braces if you or your child want some time to adjust to the treatment before going back to school with braces. This will help them identify what lunch food and snacks they can eat with braces at school, as well as any items that may be beneficial to put in a portable care kit.

In order to take the best care of your braces at school, we recommend bringing some oral hygiene materials such as a toothbrush and floss to use on the go. Dental wax, lip balm, and water may also help reduce some of the discomfort brought on by braces, allowing your child to go about their school day without concern.

Check the mirror

One thing that may be nerve wracking about having braces at school is getting food stuck in your braces. This can be embarrassing, particularly if the student feels judgment from their friends and peers. Keeping a small mirror in a locker or backpack can help students with braces feel more confident in their appearance while at school. And, in the event that there is something in your braces, an oral hygiene care kit will come in handy.

When it comes to braces for kids, parents and children alike have a variety of concerns about the treatment. However, at Dr. Mario Paz Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on cultivating a child friendly environment that will put your kids at ease. Our staff is expertly trained in applying and managing different styles of braces, as well as doing so in a way that keeps your child calm and comfortable. If you’re thinking about seeking out braces this summer, contact Dr. Mario Paz today for a consultation.

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