Dental braces for professional actors

Dental braces for professional actors

For actors, physical appearance can be the difference between landing a role and going home disappointed. Whether you’re looking for roles on stage or on screen, casting directors are always seeking actors that can best embody the character, both emotionally and physically. Many professional actors maintain a consistent style and silhouette, making strategic changes to their appearance based on the impact it may have on the audition process.

If you are an aspiring actor who may need braces, taking care of your dental health with them can feel like a career ender. Getting cast with orthodontia is hard enough, but acting with braces can be difficult in and of itself because the changes to your teeth can alter your speech. However, getting braces does not have to crush your acting dreams. There are a lot of discreet braces options that will be virtually unnoticeable during a performance. For example, child and adult actors favor invisible braces as a way to maintain oral health while still getting work. It may surprise you to know how many celebrities filmed major projects with braces on.

Where invisible braces really shine

The list of actors and actresses that take advantage of invisible braces is long and diverse, including names like Katherine Heigl and Eva Longoria. Many celebrities cite Invisalign aligners as helping them achieve their dazzling smile. Invisalign is a particularly convenient form of invisible braces due to the fact that you can temporarily remove the aligners for eating and cleaning. Invisalign is discrete and comfortable, making the aligners all but undetectable while you’re delivering your big monologue. And if you are worried about the aligners being caught on camera or by a front row audience member, you can simply remove them briefly to ease your concerns.

Keep your career on the move

Don’t put your acting career on pause just to get braces, you can have both. Around 45 percent of people need braces, and actors are no exception. If you ever need a spark of inspiration, take a look at lists of actors with braces. Invisible braces are probably the best option for aspiring performers and are overwhelmingly the top choice by actors with braces.

So, if you are worried that taking the next steps with your oral health could come with a cost to your career, don’t be. Having braces is not a social stigma, and it certainly doesn’t have to keep you from pursuing the things you care about. Contact Dr. Mario Paz today for a consultation to determine if invisible braces are right for you.

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