The fastest Invisalign treatment possible

The fastest Invisalign treatment possible

One thing that makes any type of braces treatment undesirable is the number of months it takes to complete the process. No one wants to spend years of their life in braces, regardless of how good the results are. Of course, getting perfect teeth takes time, but what is the shortest time it can take?

If you are looking for a braces treatment that will take minimal time, Invisalign is your best option. The average time for Invisalign treatment can be several months less than traditional braces. While wire braces treatment can take 18-24 months, most invisible braces will have completed their job in 14-16 months. If you’re looking for a quick fix in the realm of orthodontia, a limited 6-9 Invisalign treatment will offer improvement for alignment.

The typical timeline

Compared to the 18-24 months most patients spend in traditional braces, the Invisalign timeline is much more manageable. How long Invisalign takes to deliver the best results may vary depending on the complexity of your case and degree of compliance with treatment. However, in general patients can begin to see results as soon as a few weeks after starting Invisalign.

The perfect timeline for you

If you know what percentage of people need braces, then you know how probable it is that you’ll need them too. So, get a jump start on your treatment today to get the smile of your dreams sooner rather than later. To find out how long Invisalign takes contact an Invisalign provider. Once they’ve assessed your orthodontic needs and treatment goals, they’ll be able to give you a personalized estimate for your treatment timeline.

Speaking of time, Dr. Mario Paz Orthodontics in Los Angeles understands the importance of your time and the demands on your life and makes every effort to arrange the schedule to coordinate with yours conveniently. Plus, their office offers virtual consultations and progress appointments.

When you search for Invisalign Dentist or Invisalign Orthodontist or Invisalign Provider we hope you choose the staff at Dr. Mario!

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