What to do with your Invisalign trays while eating

What to do with your Invisalign trays while eating

One of the things that makes Invisalign a more appealing option than traditional braces is the fact that they’re removable. However, that doesn’t mean you can just take them out for any amount of time. For the best results, professionals recommend wearing your Invisalign trays for 22 hours a day. But what about the other two hours that aren’t accounted for?

Those two hours are intended to include activities like eating when your aligners should be removed. Your Invisalign should not be in while you’re eating, as it can damage and discolor the trays. Instead, remove your aligners and place them in a protective case until you’ve finished your meal. We suggest that you carry the protective case with you to ensure you have a clean and secure place to keep your retainers in when not in use.

Your case is your friend

Having a suitable Invisalign case is a great way to protect your investment and prevent your aligners from getting lost or sustaining damage when you take them out. You should receive a complimentary case when you begin Invisalign treatment, and patients should get into the habit of bringing this case along with them, even if they don’t plan to take out their aligners. This gives you the freedom to eat and drink at your leisure without risking the safety of your aligners. Many patients make use of a backup case so one can be kept at work or in a car or purse. Invisalign cases also come in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing you to showcase your personality while keeping your teeth healthy.

Even the worst-case scenario isn’t that bad

Of course, you should wear your aligners as directed, but taking out Invisalign trays shouldn’t be a huge risk. If you don’t have a case on hand and that results in a lost or damaged aligner, don’t fret. Whether you’ve damaged or lost an Invisalign tray, your orthodontist can provide replacement aligners for a moderate fee. Though this may disrupt your treatment for a few days, before you know it, you’ll be wearing your Invisalign again without issue.

These days there are a lot of treatment options from retainers to clear aligners to invisible, metal, ceramic and Lingual braces. Looking for a Los Angeles orthodontist to help determine if you are a candidate for Invisalign or another solution for your best smile? Dr. Mario Paz and his team have fitted over 2,000 patients; children, teens and adults.

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