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The very real dangers of buying braces online

For the modern day consumer, online shopping is a valuable tool. As of 2022, 21 percent of retail purchases were made online, with over 2 billion people visiting online storefronts globally. You can buy just about anything online, from food to clothes to novelty items. In fact, you can even buy braces.

Mail-order Invisalign-style braces may seem like a less expensive and more convenient option for people who want straight teeth without actually seeing an orthodontist. However, most experts will tell you this is not the right way to get braces. In reality, you may end up paying for your purchase with the safety of your teeth. So, before buying braces online, we want to discuss the potential side effects, problems, and even dangers you may experience as a result.

Nightmare stories

Online shopping can be a gamble, and buying braces online is no different. With “remote dentistry”, you may unfortunately face more than just buyer’s remorse.

For many consumers, the promise of straight teeth for a reasonable price without leaving home can be a major selling point. But using aligners that are not properly fitted by a dental professional can lead to a variety of problems. It is not safe to apply braces without first getting a proper orthodontic screening to determine your dental health. Without following these steps, significant damage could happen to your teeth.

Improperly fitted braces can cause pain, loose teeth, and enamel loss. One patient described their teeth becoming loose to the point of being unable to bite into certain foods. Others have reported permanent issues like nerve damage and tooth loss. As hundreds of patients come forward with stories like these, “remote dentists” could face lawsuits in the future. Clearly, getting braces without the consistent guidance of an accredited medical professional can be more dangerous than it’s worth.

The reason you need an orthodontist

Though buying braces online and having them delivered to your door may sound nice, the reality of DIY braces is often a lot less pleasant. Unsupervised orthodontic treatment may result in lifelong damage to your teeth, or a poor result.  A convenient DIY approach can ultimately cost you more in time, money and result in the long run.

If you want braces done right, Orthodontist Dr. Paz and staff are professional, attentive and have a state-of-the art dental care practice. You will receive custom treatment and be on the road to both straight and healthy teeth in no time. Plus, they offer virtual initial consultations for new patients and virtual progress appointments for existing patients because they know your time is valuable!

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